San Miguel Brewery Inc. (SMB) is the largest producer of beer in the Philippines...

Find out where the best brews are made...

Our Core Purpose, Drink to life...

Check out numerous awards and citations that made San Miguel Beer the best...

See names behind the best-selling beer products in the country...

San Miguel Beer is now
just a few clicks away!


We will lead the growth of the beverage industry, equipped with our more than a
century tradition of brewing excellence.

We will be the brand, business partner and employer of choice, delivering superior long-term
value to our stakeholders.

We will make accessible in existing and new markets our world-class portfolio of products and services
to continuously delight the tastes and preferences of our consumers.

Through our products, every occasion will be a drink to life
. . . a celebration like no other. CHEERS!


Inspired by our mother company, San Miguel Corporation, we continue to help the communities where we operate by caring for our environment and contributing to countryside development.

With our collective efforts, we aim to make a difference by helping our countrymen to live a better life.


At San Miguel Brewery Inc., every person counts. We empower our people -- our most important asset -- with trust, respect and sense of belongingness.

Our company strength is drawn from our unparalleled teamwork. We are a team like no other because we are one in bringing out the best from each other.


As a good corporate citizen, we act according to the rule of law, expand our partnerships with propriety, and grow our business without compromising our values.

As the market leader, we inspire others with our best business practices and strong commitment to ethics.

As part of the San Miguel Brewery Inc. family, we take pride in and patronize our very own products to manifest our loyalty to the company which we call our second home.

We choose to do what is right because we carry the name San Miguel, a name that we pledge to protect all the time


Behind every San Miguel Beer expertly brewed is a valued customer in mind.

We owe our existence to our customers, to whom we commit to serve with topmost priority, consistency and genuine concern thereby earning their seal of confidence.

We remain resolute in our desire to delight them with unique, memorable and toast-worthy experiences.

Our company knows, understands and satisfies the customers better. And nothing rewards us more than keeping their trust and loyalty - generation after generation.


We are the best that we can be because we strive to get better each day.

Our dynamism and creativity propel us to take each challenge as an opportunity to bolster our competitive edge.

Together, we are driven to sustain our leadership by enhancing our strengths and creating superior value in everything that we do.

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