PBA Championships

Year/ tournament Coach Opponent, series tally
1979 Open Ed Ocampo Toyota, 3-1
1982 Invitational Tommy Manotoc Crispa, 2-1
1987 Reinforced Norman Black Hills Bros, 4-1
1988 Reinforced Norman Black Shell, 4-1
1988 Open Norman Black Purefoods, 4-3
1989 Open Norman Black Shell, 4-1
1989 All Filipino Norman Black Purefoods, 4-2
1989 Reinforced Norman Black Anejo, 4-1
1992 All Filipino Norman Black Purefoods, 4-3
1993 Governors Cup Norman Black Swift, 4-1
1994 All Filipino Norman Black Coney Island, 4-2
1999 Commissioners Cup Jong Uichico Shell, 4-2
1999 Governors Cup Jong Uichico Alaska, 4-2
2000 Commissioners Cup Jong Uichico Sta. Lucia, 4-1
2000 Governors Cup Jong Uichico Purefoods, 4-1
2001 All Filipino Jong Uichico Ginebra, 4-2
2004-2005 Fiesta Jong Uichico Talk 'n Text, 4-2

MVP, Rookie of Year (ROY), Mythical team winners

Year MVP ROY Mythical team members
1975   Manny Paner
1982 Marte Saldana
1987 Alberto Guidaben Alberto Guidaben
1988 Ramon Fernandez Ricardo Brown and Hector Calma
1989 Hector Calma, Ramon Fernandez, Elmer Reyes, Alvin Teng
1990 Avelino Lim, Ramon Fernandez
1991 Ramon Fernandez, Renato Agustin, Alvin Teng
1992 Renato Agustin Ferdinand Ravena Renato Agustin, Ramon Fernandez, Alvin Teng
1993 Renato Agustin, Allan Caidic, Avelino Lim and Alvin Teng
1994 Renato Agustin, Allan Caidic
1995 Allan Caidic
1996 Nelson Asaytono
1997 Nelson Asaytono
1998 Danny Ildefonso Olsen Racela, Mike Mustre, Danny Ildefonso, Nelson Asaytono
1999 Danny Seigle Danny Seigle, Olsen Racela, Danny Ildefonso
2000 Danny Ildefonso Olsen Racela, Danny Ildefonso, Danny Seigle
2001 Danny Ildefonso Olsen Racela, Danny Seigle, Danny Ildefonso, Nic Belasco
2002 Nic Belasco
2004-05 Dorian Pena, Nic Belasco, Olsen Racela
2005-06 Dorian Pena, Danny Seigle
2006-07 Dorian Pena, Danny Ildefonso

Best Player of the Conference

Year Conference Player
1995 Governors Cup Allan Caidic
1997 All-Filipino Cup Nelson Asaytono
1998 All-Filipino Cup Nelson Asaytono
1999 Governors Cup Danny Seigle
2000 Commissioners Cup Danny Ildefonso
2000 Governors Cup Danny Ildefonso
2001 All Filipino Danny Ildefonso
2001 Commissioners Cup Danny Ildefonso
2001 Governors Cup Danny Ildefonso
2005-06 Philippine Cup Danny Seigle

Best Import

Year Conference Player
1982 Reinforced Norman Black
1985 Open Norman Black
1987 Open Bobby Parks
1993 Governors Cup Kenny Travis
1997 Commissioner Cup Jeff Ward
1997 Governors Cup Larry Robinson
1999 Commissioner Cup Terquin Mott
1999 Governors Cup Lamont Strothers

Finals MVP

Year Conference Player
1999 Commissioners Cup Danny Seigle
1999 Governors Cup Danny Seigle / Danny Ildefonso
2000 Commissioners Cup Danny Ildefonso
2000 Governors Cup Danny Seigle
2001 All Filipino Cup Danny Seigle
2004-05 Fiesta Danny Ildefonso

All-Defensive team members

Year SMB Team Members
1989 Alvin Teng
1990 Alvin Teng
1991 Alvin Teng
1992 Alvin Teng, Art de la Cruz
1993 Alvin Teng, Art de la Cruz
1994 Alvin Teng
1995 Art de la Cruz
1997 Freddie Abuda
1998 Freddie Abuda
1999 Freddie Abuda
2000 Freddie Abuda
2005-2006 Dorian Pena, Nic Belasco

Sportsmanship Award

Year SMB Team Members
1993 Avelino Lim
1997 Freddie Abuda
1998 Freddie Abuda
2000 Freddie Abuda
2004-2005 Donaldo Hontiveros

PBA Press Corps Awards

Year Coach of Year Defensive Player Comeback player Mr Quality Minutes
1993 Alvin Teng
1995 Art de la Cruz
1997 Ron Jacobs Freddie Abuda Paul Alvarez Paul Alvarez
2000 Jong Uichico Freddie Abuda Boybits Victoria
2005-06 Danny Seigle
2006-07 Chris Calaguio


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